“Hack Your Own Instagram”

Its a late Friday night in the middle of April, a friend of mine has just brought revelation to my life. Apparently one can download data collected by Instagram and it comes in cutely organized folders.

I HAD TO EXPLORE, and I thought why note make a story for the journey one step at a time, I don’t know where this is going, but welcome to

Episode 1 : Instagram’s Inferred Interests

Head to you Instagram settings and head to the Privacy and Security tab

This idea came about as a project deliverable for one of my data science courses that I was taking. The aim was to identify if there was any relationship between the number of rainy days observed in a month and the number of polyclinic admissions for upper respiratory tract infections

TLDR: Mom tells me don’t get caught in the rain or you will get sick, but do the numbers agree ?

Results: quoting Jack Sparrow, its not the destination so much as the journey that matters.

The simple decision tree based model achieved about 50% accuracy in predicting the number of cases (this was generalized to low, moderate and high instead of absolute number of cases). …

Washeem Mohamed

This is where I try to use numbers to tell a story

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